Welcome to the Resource Site for our Math Workshop!

the Blokus game got a little wild....
As per participant request, we've put together this site so that you can easily access handouts, books, websites and other resources referred to throughout the workshop.

If you have additional resources to suggest and share in any area, feel free to contact Vera and Trevor, and we will attempt to add them to this site!

                         "I am now excited about teaching math, 
                          and hopefully some of this excitement will
                          filter over to my colleagues and students!"
                                                                                       - participant, Aug 2010

We had a great time -- thanks to everyone for their willingness to participate and share, and... happy math teaching this year!!!     P.S.  In case anyone wants to visit us in PEI... www.PEIplace.weebly.com  Ha!

                                                                                                                                                                                         VERA & TREVOR  :)